coupon Codes for A3: Still Alive

Every once in a while, the developers of A3: Still Alive release new coupon codes that you can redeem inside the game to get some free rewards.

These coupon codes normally get posted either on the official social channels, on Reddit, Discord or handed out to supported Streamers/Youtubers that will post them in their videos.

Sounds like a lot sources to follow if you don’t want to miss a coupon code in A3: Still Alive, right?

Well, if you don’t want to follow all the channels just for the sake of getting a code here and there, we have a full collection of all active codes below, including the expiration date. You will directly see what codes do work and use them, without checking and following numerous sources.

Unlike other sites that only post some coupon codes for A3: Still Alive, CodeCro searches fresh codes 24/7. Yes, our sites scans all sources of coupon codes every hour so you can be sure that we don’t miss anything.

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How to redeem codes in
A3: Still Alive

Redeeming codes in A3 is different for iOS and Android.

If you’re on Android, you can redeem codes directly in the game by going to Settings (Gear Icon) > Account > Enter Coupon and there you can enter the code:

a3 still alive code menu

If you’re on iOS, you need to redeem the coupon code via their website.

To that, click the button below and enter your player ID. You find your player ID at Settings (Gear Icon) > Account and there it is:

Copy that number along with a valid code (see below) there and the rewards will be sent to your account via in-game mail.

All Codes For
A3: Still Alive

a3g242b925Twitter Secret Code #4 - And alsready the next secret code is unlocked. - Expired on September 30, 2022
a3g4doq731Twitter Secret Code #3 - And also the 3rd secret code just got unlocked, enjoy the rewards as well and don't forget to also redeem the other ones. - Expired on September 30, 2022
a3g549w138Twitter Secret Code #2 - The next secret coupon code of the Twitter event has just been unlocked, enjoy the rewards! - Expired on September 30, 2022
a3g555x555Twitter Secret Code - Here's a secret code from the social event on Twitter and it will reward you with 5x Velangort Magic Stone Selection Chest. - Expired on September 30, 2022
KLAYswapMARBLEX Wallet DEX Code - With the opening of MARBLEX Wallet DEX there was also a code hidden in the video that will give you some rewards. - Expired on May 6, 2022
A3GROWTH4Hannemorin Growth Code - Along with a series im posts on the social media channels of A3, there was also a coupon code included that will give you some nice rewards. - Expired on April 28, 2022
CODEANew Quiz Coupon Code - For the new quiz in Facebook there's also a new coupon code available for extra rewards. - Expired on September 10, 2021
CODEBNew Quiz Coupon Code - The new quiz has also a new coupon code available. - Expired on September 9, 2021
CODEANew Quiz Coupon Code - Here's a new coupon code from a new quiz event. - Expired on September 8, 2021
CODE4New Quiz Coupon Code - New quiz, new coupon code. Enjoy the rewards. - Expired on September 7, 2021
ILOVEA3New Update Coupon Code - To celebrate the latest update there's a new coupon code available that will reward you pretty well. - Expired on July 31, 2021
ILOVEA3Amazing New Coupon Code - Get loads of rewards with this crazy coupon code, with Blue Diamonds, Gold, Topaz, Mana Stones, Enhancement Stones and Soul Linker Complements! - Expired on July 16, 2021
GMSUCCESSNew A3: Still Alive Code - Here's the next code for the GM Event annd it will give you 5x Uncommon Enhancement Blessing Scrolls, 50x Superior Passive/Active Skill Enhancement Stones and 1x 6-Star Heroic Soulstar - Expired on June 18, 2021
GMTODAYGM Raziel Code - For the GM Raziel pilot event on Asia 1 - Raziel server there's another code that will reward you with 100x Blue Diamonds. Please try if you can also use it on other servers as well. - Expired on June 17, 2021
GMD1New A3: Still Alive Code - Get 20M Gold and 10M Mana Stones with this new gift code. This code for the upcoming event on Asia 1 - Raziel Server. This code might only be available there but please try it out if it also works on the other servers as well. - Expired on June 16, 2021
Couple Active Codes! - There are a couple of codes that are still active so try if you have used them already or not. They are active until April 11th. - Expired on April 12, 2021
READYFORTHEBATTLEDaily Coupon (7/7) Event - Last code of this awesome code event in A3... redeem this final code until April 10th along with the others and we can all look forward for the March Update! - Expired on April 10, 2021
NEXTA3UPDATEDaily Coupon (6/7) Event - Only one last coupon code left after this one. Tormorrow will be the final coupon! - Expired on April 10, 2021
LOOKFORWARDDaily Coupon (5/7) Event - Today's coupon will reward you with some Diamonds and we're facing the final two coupon codes before this wonderful event in A3 ends... - Expired on April 10, 2021
TOGETHERFOREVERDaily Coupon (4/7) Event - Today we have another code of the 7-day coupon code event - Expired on April 10, 2021
MAKESA3Daily Coupon (3/7) Event - More EXP with the thrid coupon code in the daily coupon event. Looks like all of them will be valid until April 10th, so make sure to redeem them in time! - Expired on April 10, 2021
YOURSUPPORTDaily Coupon (2/7) Event - Second day of the daily coupon code event in A3 and another great code that will give you a nice amount of EXP - Expired on April 10, 2021
THANKYOU100THDaily Coupon (1/7) Event - To get into the right mindset for the fresh season upcoming in A3, there a daily coupon code event starting. The codes will be valid one month and I will keep you updated here! - Expired on April 10, 2021