coupon Codes for Idle Death Knight

Every once in a while, the developers of Idle Death Knight release new coupon codes that you can redeem inside the game to get some free rewards.

These coupon codes normally get posted either on the official social channels, on Reddit, Discord or handed out to supported Streamers/Youtubers that will post them in their videos.

Sounds like a lot sources to follow if you don’t want to miss a coupon code in Idle Death Knight, right?

Well, if you don’t want to follow all the channels just for the sake of getting a code here and there, we have a full collection of all active codes below, including the expiration date. You will directly see what codes do work and use them, without checking and following numerous sources.

Unlike other sites that only post some coupon codes for Idle Death Knight, CodeCro searches fresh codes 24/7. Yes, our sites scans all sources of coupon codes every hour so you can be sure that we don’t miss anything.

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How to redeem codes in
Idle Death Knight

Redeeming coupon codes in IDLE Death Knight is different, depending on what OS you’re playing.

If you’re playing on Android, you can simply open the game and go to 
Option > Register Coupon > Insert Coupon Code > Tap Enter
to exchange a code and get the rewards.

If you’re playing on iOS, however, you need to enter the code on the website of the developers and then they will send it to you via in-game mail.

You can find the link to the website below and there you need to select the correct server you’re playing on (otherwise you won’t get the rewards) as well as your nickname.

All Codes For
Idle Death Knight

DK_1YEAR1 Year Coupon Code - celebrate the 1st anniversary of IDLE Death Knight with this special coupon code that will become active right after the update that is currently running and get 300x Equipment Draw Tickets and 10x Community Event Random Boxes - Expired on November 30, 2021
NEW_SERVER300-Day Anniversary Coupon Code - For the 300-day anniversary of the release of Death Knight, the developers released a new coupon code that will give you 300x Amethysts, 300x Equipment Draw Tickets and 300x Upgrade Stone Pouches (L). - Expired on September 17, 2021
DK_500000500K Downloads Coupon Code - To celebrate half a million downloads of IDLE Death Knight, there's a new coupon code that will reward you with 500x Amethyst and 1x The Death King's Weapon Box. - Expired on October 13, 2021
NEW_SERVERNew Server Opening Code - New code for everyone, not just the people playing on the new servers. You can get 1000x Amethysts and 100x Upgrade Stone Pouches (L) with it. - Expired on August 15, 2021
GACHA300Season 2 Event Coupon Code - Get 300x Equipment Draw Tickets with this new code to get a head start into S2. - Expired on August 15, 2021
SUMMER2000Summer Coupon Code #2 - Surprise codes for the summer. This one here will give you 2000x Amethysts. - Expired on July 12, 2021
GACHA200Summer Coupon Code #1 - Surprise codes for the summer. This one here will give you 200x Equipment Draw Tickets. - Expired on July 12, 2021