redeem Codes for Lords Mobile

Every once in a while, the developers of Lords Mobile release new redeem codes that you can redeem inside the game to get some free rewards.

These redeem codes normally get posted either on the official social channels, on Reddit, Discord or handed out to supported Streamers/Youtubers that will post them in their videos.

Sounds like a lot sources to follow if you don’t want to miss a redeem code in Lords Mobile, right?

Well, if you don’t want to follow all the channels just for the sake of getting a code here and there, we have a full collection of all active codes below, including the expiration date. You will directly see what codes do work and use them, without checking and following numerous sources.

Unlike other sites that only post some redeem codes for Lords Mobile, CodeCro searches fresh codes 24/7. Yes, our sites scans all sources of redeem codes every hour so you can be sure that we don’t miss anything.

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How to redeem codes in
Lords Mobile

If you want to redeem codes in Lords Mobile, you need to use their website (you find the link below).

You can either do it by using your player name or your IGG ID. There’s no difference but with the ID you’re easier as you can prevent typos (depending how “complicated” your player name is.

You can find your IGG ID when you go in Lords Mobile to Settings > Account Settings and there you have a 9-digit number:

All Codes For
Lords Mobile

KUNGFUPANDALords Mobile x Kung Fu Panda - The crossover event with Kung Fu Panda started and the 6th anniversary celebration is up as well so the developers have released this new code that will be working for quite some time. - Valid until March 31, 2022
rekbuv5gLive Stream Redemption Code - This code was posted in the recent livestream but please mind that only the first 5,000 players can use it before it will turn invalid. - Expired on December 22, 2021
2021LORDSLeading Lords Event Code - The Leading Lords Event is coming up and the developers have released a special gift code along with it that will give you some nice rewards as well. - Expired on December 31, 2021
2021lordsDecember Redeem Code - New month started and we have a new reward code that will give you some nice bunch of resources, a Relocator, Energy, VIP Points and much more. Don't miss it! - Expired on December 31, 2021
ADVENTURELOGAdventure Log Release Gift Code - To celebrate the release of the brand-new Adventure Log in the recent update we had today, there's also this new gift code available that will give you some awesome extra gifts as well. - Expired on December 31, 2021
THANKSGIVINGThanksgiving Redemption Code - finally a new redemption code available and it's for Thanksgiving and will give you some great rewards - Expired on November 28, 2021
LMHalloweenHalloween Gift Code - get 1000x Gems, 2000x Energy, some Speed-Ups and a Random Relocator with this new gift code for Halloween that will work until end of November - Expired on November 30, 2021
3DMAP3D Map Update Gift Code - Since the last update brought us the long-awaited visual upgrade with the 3D Map, here's also a special gift code with some extra rewards to celebrate this new update - Expired on October 25, 2021
SODAFESTRefreshing Festival Event Gift Code - For the Sodafest there's also a surprise gift code available that will give you some cool extra rewards, inlcuding 1x Random Locator, Speedups, 2k Enery, 100x VIP Points and more. - Expired on October 31, 2021
LORDSHUBLords Hub Opening Code - Here's a special gift code to celebrate the launch of Lords Hub, the new social platform for Lords Mobile. Claim it for 1000x Gems, 1x Training Speed Up (15h) and 1x Speed Up (15h). - Expired on October 1, 2021
2021cjNew Redemption Code Found - Here's a new redemption code that just got posted. Enjoy the rewards! - Expired on August 16, 2021
LORDSLords Games Gift Code - For the start of the Lords Games, there was also a new special gift code released for some nice extra rewards. - Expired on July 31, 2021
YfwpqpNew Secret Code - Yes, there's a new code available but the rewards are, let's say, mediocre - it will reward you with a 1h Training Speedup. Better than nothing but let's hope for better codes in the future... - Expired on June 28, 2021
97Z6QXZANew Lords Mobile Code - Inside the recent Lords Mobile stream there was a code hidde, but mind that only 500 people can use it... - Expired on June 4, 2021
IGG15THIGG Anniversary Code - IGG, the development company behind Lords Mobile turns 15 years old and has prepared a gift code for Lords Mobile as well. - Expired on July 1, 2021
VERGEWAYVergeway Release Code - After a long time, there's a new code for Lords Mobile to celebrate the new game mode. Code will be valid until end of June. - Expired on July 1, 2021
SAINTSEIYALords Mobile x Saint Seiya Collab GiftCode - During the whole event, this code will be valid. Event end end of May so plenty of time to redeem this nice code - Expired on June 1, 2021