Gift Codes for Valor Legends Eternity

Every once in a while, the developers of Valor Legends Eternity release new gift codes that you can redeem inside the game to get some free rewards.

These gift codes normally get posted either on the official social channels, on Reddit, Discord or handed out to supported Streamers/Youtubers that will post them in their videos.

Sounds like a lot sources to follow if you don’t want to miss a gift code in Valor Legends Eternity, right?

Well, if you don’t want to follow all the channels just for the sake of getting a code here and there, we have a full collection of all active codes below, including the expiration date. You will directly see what codes do work and use them, without checking and following numerous sources.

Unlike other sites that only post some gift codes for Valor Legends Eternity, CodeCro searches fresh codes 24/7. Yes, our sites scans all sources of gift codes every hour so you can be sure that we don’t miss anything.

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How to redeem codes in
Valor Legends Eternity

In order to redeem a code in Valor Legends Eternity, you'll need to go to:

Your Profile > Settings

"gift code" code" and when you tap it you will see a window where you can enter a valid code:

All Codes For
Valor Legends Eternity

4kZdnvBwEvergreen Code - Here are some codes from joining the official social channels that are still working so try to use them.
4kymqQeHEvergreen Code -
4kGsGV3jEvergreen Code -
summerfb22Summer Party Code - Kick off summer with the new Supper Party code that the developers have just posted! - Expired on August 12, 2022
6C7uabcFather's Day Code - For Father's Day, the developers have posted this new code that will give you some nice rewards. - Expired on June 23, 2022
getnewheroesjunNew Hero Code - For the launch of the new hero Ireus the developers also have created this special gift code. - Expired on June 30, 2022
mothersday2022Mother's Day Code - For Mother's Day the devs have just shared this special gift code that has some nice rewards for you. - Expired on May 12, 2022
fightingspringSpring Awakening Code - Spring Awakening will close in one week so don't miss out on this new gift code the developers have just releasded to help you for the last week of the event. - Expired on April 28, 2022
VLLOVEYOUEaster Code - Here's the full code that the developers posted on Facebook and Discord and it will give you a Gift Pack worth a total of 1700x Gems. Enjoy! - Expired on April 20, 2022
vlfacebook150kFacebook Code - The Facebook Page just got 150,000 followers and the developers have released this gift code to celebrate it. - Expired on July 1, 2022
vldiscord100kDiscord Code - Celebrate 100,000 users on Discord with this code that the developers just shared and enjoy the rewards. - Expired on June 6, 2022
6ixY8F7CNew Code Found - You will get 200x Gems, 30x 4* random Hero Fragments and 3x Eternal Summoner's Books with this code - Expired on January 31, 2022
Sr6NmywsSurprise Gift Code - This surprise gift code that just got posted will reward you with 5x Eternal Summoner's Books and 5x Gold Coins (1h). - Expired on October 11, 2021
kQ6CAqzwSurprise Gift Code - The developers want to thank us for our support by hading out this surprise gift code that will reward with 500x Evolution Beads and 500x Gems. - Expired on August 26, 2021
46GsAUbwNew Gift Code Found - Here's a new gift code that just got posted and it will reward you with 5x Eternal Summoner's Books and 5x 1h Gold Coins when you redeem it - Expired on July 28, 2021
4rywEsunFather's Day Code - It's Father's Day and with this code you can get 500x Evolution Beads and 800x Gems - Expired on July 2, 2021
4zZ4tBvFMother's Day Code - Get 5x Eternal Summoner's Books and 5x 1h Gold Coins - Expired on May 21, 2021
4Y6Nv59PHappy Easter Code - Happy Easter Festival with this new code that will reward you with 1000x Gems and 5x 1h Gold Coins - Expired on April 15, 2021
4YGMYXycSt. Patrick's Day Code - Celebrate St- Paddys Day and with this code you will also get 5x Eternal Summoner's Books and 5x 1h Gold Coins. - Expired on March 29, 2021
4kxrRctBNew Year Code - Happy New Year and this code here will also reward you with 1000x Gems, 5000x Snowflake Tokens and 5 hours worth of Energy Essence and Gold Coins. - Expired on January 11, 2021
4kGsGV3j1st Gift Code - Here's the first gift code for Valor Legends ever and it will reward you with 800x Gems. - Expired on December 31, 2020