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Ace Defender: War Of Dragon Slayer Review

This article provides an insight into Ace Defender: War of Dragon Slayer which is a free-to-download game available on the Android and iOS platforms.

Interested Android gamers can easily get their hands on the game from the Google Play Store where it has been listed under the Role Playing games genre. For iOS users, the title is available on the Apple App Store.

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Please mind, the reviewed version of the game is 1.6.5 which was last updated on 30th April 2021.

Superior Quality Visuals

The overall look and feel of the game are quite appealing. This can be attributed primarily to the vibrant and punchy color palette that has been used for the development of the title. Most Role-Playing games available on the mobile phone platform feature stunning visuals and Ace Defender is no exception.

How Is The Gameplay?

Let’s now discuss how the overall gameplay of the title feels like and what all needs to be done to get the best experience of the game.
Upon launching the game, players are presented with a screen that resembles the image shown below. It is only after players accept the User Agreement that they can proceed further.

After the game has loaded, players can dive into the experience by pressing the Enter button.

ace defender game review - gameplay

A Glimpse Of The Storyline

The game’s storyline revolves around dead creatures attacking villagers and various heroes rising to defend these unguarded rural inhabitants. In the initial part of the game, the storyline is displayed in the form of a video informing players about the general setting of the game.

A Detailed Tutorial

Players are provided a general idea of the game’s requirements with the help of an initial tutorial in which they are taught how they can attack enemies to defend the villages.

ace defender game review - tutorial

What Does The Home Screen Look Like?

After the players have become well aware of the general gameplay of Ace Defender: War of Dragon Slayer, they find themselves at a home screen like the one shown in the below image.

From this screen, players can choose various gameplay options. However, it is incumbent upon us to mention that the different gameplay options become available only when gamers have cleared certain levels.
For example, the Sky City can be played upon crossing Level 2-4, similarly, the Continent mode of gameplay requires players to cross Level 2-8.

Let’s Battle

Before initiating a battle, players need to select heroes that need to be deployed. This part is important principally because once a battle has begun, there is no coming back. So, be extra cautious on this screen as it can make or mar your experience.

ace defender game review - lets battle

Knowing how to use an option is as important as knowing when to use it. Therefore, getting to know the screen’s layout has its significance.

At the top middle section of the screen, a green bar exists. This is the energy level of the enemy. In the beginning, this bar is full reflecting that the invader is unharmed. However, as players attack the opponent, this bar becomes red with time.

ace defender game review - battles

How To Deploy The Heroes?

To stop the invaders, heroes need to be deployed at predefined pods. The deployment cost of each hero varies, depending upon his level and skill set. Advanced level heroes are usually more expensive to deploy but the damage incurred by such heroes quickly allows players to re-coup the expended gold.

ace defender game review - deploy heroes

Victory Is Sweet

Upon defeating the Boss of each level, players become victorious and are showered with various rewards in the form of in-game currency, gems, and special items. These items can then be used for equipping the heroes with better weaponry. In addition, the in-game gold is also needed for leveling up the heroes.

ace defender game review - victory

Heroes Have Special Moves

Each hero has a special move that can be used from the bottom-left section of the screen. However, each special move needs a particular level of power and as players kill more and more enemies, the power level also goes on increasing.

The power and the current gold acquired by the player during the current session are displayed at the bottom left section.

Why Is Leveling Up So Critical?

As players proceed further with the gameplay, they level up, and with each increment, some rewards are presented. The initial levels are relatively easy but the difficulty sees an upward trend as the levels increase.
With more stringent requirements, it becomes difficult to get promoted to the next level in the later parts of the game.

ace defender game review - leveling up

Ranking Up The Heroes

The fierce final wave of the attack requires battle-hardened heroes with exceptional striking powers. For the needful, leveling up heroes is the way to go for players.

ace defender game review - hero details up

The amount of gold required for the process along with the allied benefits is shown in the above image.
Upon leveling up a particular number of times, the hero’s rank increases.

Players Must Well Equip Their Heroes

In addition to leveling up the heroes, another effective way to make them more resilient is to equip them with additional items. These items can be won as a reward by annihilating the opponents or can also be bought from the game’s store.

Royal Recruitment Is A Treat

Another advanced level mechanism that can be adopted by players looking to pace up their gameplay progress is the use of Royal Recruitment x5. This special reward becomes available after predefined intervals that have been shown in detail in the below image.


The game also offers several quest options and players are provided special rewards, like the ones shown below, upon completing them.

In case you are willing to spend some cash, the First Buy feature is a great option that provides a plethora of rewards including exclusive heroes and loads of diamonds.

Social Media Connectivity

One of the basic needs of most modern-day gamers is the ability to connect their social media accounts to the game. This not only allows players to connect to their real-life friends but also provides them a way to save their progress on the cloud.

Following the trend, the developers of Ace Defender: War of Dragon Slayer have also provided this option to gamers.

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Final Verdict

So, is Ace Defender any different from other titles available on the mobile platform? Well, not entirely. Although the game has a feel of its own still the overall palate isn’t entirely unique which means that the game carries a tinge of resemblance with other role-playing games like Arena of Valor and LOL, although both other games are MOBAs whereas Ace Defender isn’t.

Some would disagree claiming that the overall plot of Ace Defender: War of Dragon Slayer revolves in a distinct dimension with no similarity whatsoever with any other title, but I would dare to disagree, and having played several other role-playing games, I didn’t find Ace Defender to be an entirely new experience.