Golf Impact – World Tour Review

This review will provide an insight into Golf Impact which is a free-to-download game that is available on the Android platform and can easily be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Completely Free To Play

The nice part of Golf Impact is that it is completely free to play and although the
option of performing micro-transactions exists, you are at complete liberty of
whether you want to spend cash or not.

A Detailed Tutorial

The initial tutorial provided by Golf Impact aided me a lot in getting to know the
basics of the game and how to proceed further. An extra feature that I found
really helpful was the ability to skip the tutorial at any point.

golf impact world tour review - tutorial

How To Aim Perfectly?

Golf is all about perfect aiming and for an amateur like me, the extra features of
Golf Impact like the wind direction indicator and expected landing spot pointer
were of great help.

I have never played golf in real, but with such great attention to detail, I’m sure
I won’t face any problems on the golf course after playing Golf Impact. This can
be said with confidence because the game allowed me to master even the minor

Just like in real life, the golf ball swings in the air due to air, and I had to take
into consideration this factor while hitting my shots so the ball landed exactly
where I desired.

Strike When It Matters The Most

Similar to most “Sports” games, how good the shot is, depends on a pointer, and
for making the desired shot, I had to pull back the ball and release it when the
pointer was in the red or green regions. The green section indicates a “Good”
shot whereas the red section indicates a “Perfect” shot.

How far the ball will reach depends on how much the ball is pulled back. This
adds an extra level of control.

Stunning Visuals & Soundtrack

The game is full of amazing visuals that make the overall experience an overall
treat for the eyes. The gameplay is extremely appealing due to the blue skies
and lush green golf courses.

A feature of Golf Impact that instantly caught my attention was the awesome
selection of soundtracks and audio effects. This makes the overall experience
one of a kind and I ended up playing extra sessions just because I enjoyed the
soundtracks too much.

Gameplay Modes

The game features various gameplay modes. The Putting Challenge and Tour
1vs1 are my favorite modes as each session needs just a few minutes but is jampacked with fun. The modes include:

  • Tour 1vs1
  • Championship
  • Long Drive
  • Putting Challenge.

Each mode of gameplay has its set of requirements which are clearly stated
below each title.

golf impact world tour review - 1v1 matches

1vs1 Matches

Being an online game, Golf Impact requires matchmaking which, to my surprise,
took place instantly and instead of having to wait for other players to join, I soon
found myself competing with an online player.

However, I think the matchmaking algorithm needs an update as a level 8 player
was put to challenge against me even when I had just started as a level 1 player.
This meant that even the very first game in which I participated was a bit too
difficult for a newbie like me.

The beautiful scenery displayed at the top of this screen is an Easter egg. It
exhibits the level of attention to detail that the game developers have put into
the title.

The prize money for the current session is displayed on the loading screen so
gamers know the reward they are competing for.


After clearing each level, I received different rewards in the form of bags. The
number of items varied with each bag.

Some of the items that I received after my winning sessions included golfing
clubs, special golf balls, and in-game currency. Besides these, I also received Pass
Points which were required later on for leveling up.


I enjoyed the different emoticons and pre-drafted messages, which I kept
sending to my opponents now and then. This was a great way of interacting with
live players and it made the experience further engaging for me.

However, if you face an opponent that spams those, the option to turn
them off also exists and can help you focus on your next move without distraction. Still, I haven’t had one of these opponents so far and emoticons have been quite nice and my opponents used them almost all the time supportive and not sarcastically.

Gameplay Settings

I tried tweaking the gameplay Settings to check the level of controls I had
regarding the game. To my surprise, during a gaming session, only a limited set
of Settings was provided. However, upon clicking the Settings option from the
main screen, I was able to get access to the full controls.

Reconnections Are Nagging

A problem that I noticed was regarding the game needing reconnections very
often, which as you can well imagine results in a lackluster experience during an
online game.

I had to quit multiple sessions because the game simply couldn’t timely
reconnect. In such scenarios, the progress wassaved on the cloud but the overall
experience was exasperating and I feel that the game developers need to relook
at this section.

Aerial Cam

The “Aerial Cam” option is a great way to determine where the golf ball will end
up landing. I made full use of this feature which allowed me to wrap up my
sessions pretty quickly.


Another section that I found interesting was “Divisions” as I was able to obtain
multiple high-end rewards including gems.

Final Verdict

In short, Golf Impact is a great game with a large variety of options available for
gamers. This means that the game has more to it than merely hitting a golf ball
with a club.

Even for professional golfers, the game is a great way to enjoy their favorite
game right from the comfort of their bedroom while having an experience that
is no less than a real adventure.

Most gamers will resort to the basics and play 1v1 matches, however, avid
gamers will enjoy the game in its true spirit.

Overall, for me, Golf Impact is a title that no one should miss because of the
great attention to detail and wide array of features that it provides to gamers.