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Puzzles & Survival Review

This article aims at providing an insight into Puzzles & Survival which is a freeto-download game available on the Android platform. The game was released on 2nd October 2020 and can easily be downloaded from the Google Play Store.


Puzzles & Survival presents a post-apocalyptic scenario in which the survivors have joined hands under your leadership to fight back the zombies that constantly keep attacking your base.

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A Free To Play Title

It is worth noting that almost all of the game’s essential features are free. Even though paid options appeared from time to time, I was not forced to make any purchases to proceed further.

The only difference these paid options bring isthat they speed up the gameplay. As I was satisfied with the overall speed of the game’s progress, I didn’t spend even a single cent.

Initial Tutorial

When I first launched the game, I was greeted with a tutorial that began as soon as the storyline was explained through a video. I liked the initial tutorial because it quickly walked me through the various features of the game and also highlighted the steps that I needed to take to survive in this precarious situation.

Overall, the tutorial didn’t last more than 5 minutes but how it informed me about all the requirements is commendable. I also liked how this tutorial established a connection with me by demonstrating that a member of my team had been infected with the virus and that all future game events are aimed at saving that member.

Informative Pop-Ups

Following the tutorial, I was quickly handed over the game’s controls. I must highlight that I was never left unaware of any option, thanks to the helpful popups that guided me through the necessary steps.

A Perfect Amalgamation

The game is a perfect amalgamation of a survival title and a puzzle game. The puzzle portion of the title is similar to games like Candy Crush Soda Saga, in
which I had to connect three or more similar tiles. I discovered that by connecting these tiles, I was rewarded with various weapons that were crucial in defeating the enemies. Furthermore, the higher the number of tiles, the better the reward, thereby causing more damage to the opponents.

Game Modes

Although the game doesn’t define a clear boundary line between them, I feel that the game can be broadly categorized into two distinct modes which are:

  • Survival Mode
  • Puzzle Mode

I could easily switch between the two modes at any time by making a few taps. It is also necessary for me to mention that the two modes are interdependent, and I had to play both to progress.

Make Use Of The Combo

I found that using a combo of different weapons was quite helpful as by allowing these weapons to perform in unison I was able to get rid of even the strongest enemies in no time.

Developing The Base

In contrast to the game’s Puzzle mode, the game also provided a setting in which I had to build a highly advanced base and then defend it from insurgents. To defend the base, I had to construct various structures such as walls, research labs, barracks, and turrets. For these structures, I needed to spend in-game currency that I earned by completing various milestones, which brings us to the next section of the game i.e. Rewards.

The Game Rewards Are Plentiful

I have to say that the game developers were very generous in providing me with the various game rewards that were required for quick progress through the gameplay levels.

Structures such as Virology Labs, Lumber Mills, Farms, and Boot Camps assisted me in gathering the resources needed to move forward. However, there was a predetermined limit on the number of units that could be built for each structure. This slowed my progress, and I wish this limit didn’t exist
because then I would have been able to complete the gameplay levels much faster.

Prerequisites Need To Be Met For Upgrades

Another point I believe I should bring up is that certain prerequisites must be met for each structure to be upgraded. These requirements are often far too
stringent in some cases. For example, before I could upgrade the Headquarters to level 3, I had to first upgrade the wall, barracks, and Lumber Mills to level 3, which slowed down the overall process.

Choosing Correct Heroes Is Vital

I believe that a large part of the game revolves around its heroes, who play a pivotal role, particularly in the Puzzle section of the game. With each hero having a specialty, it was difficult for me to identify the perfect combination at first, but with time and patience, I discovered the best options available to me.

So, in the end, my team consisted of a doctor and three aggressive heroes, and with these members, I was able to quickly destroy my opposition.

Incremental Difficulty Levels

The first few levels of gameplay were easier, but as the levels progressed, the difficulty level increased. This made the early levels simple to complete, but the later ones demanded more time and skills.

Gaming Experience

I enjoyed the game’s audio quality, and the overall sound effects made the experience quite engaging. Every action was accompanied by a distinct sound, which made me wonder how much effort had gone into the game’s audio.

Because the game does not necessarily entail flagship-level hardware, I was able to enjoy a smooth, lag-free experience on an average Android device. Furthermore, since the game does not require a lot of bandwidth, I was able to play it even on my mobile data without having to worry about overconsumption.

Final Verdict

Overall, I think Puzzles & Survival is a fantastic addition to the already teeming Android gaming platform. The game provided a rich and diverse
gameplay experience that kept me glued to my device. Because the game has minimal hardware requirements, it can be played on
almost all Android devices currently in use.

As a result, the game has all the ingredients for a hit title that Survival fans will love. So, if you’re looking for a game that will keep you occupied for long periods, Puzzles & Survival is the way to go.